Terms of use and purchase

This wording defines general rules of use and purchase on the website www.adrianahomacollection.com

Adriana Homa Collection reserves the right to change terms of use depending on the change in the offer of their services and/or applicable legal regulations. The buyer is obliged to check information related to the business conditions before each purchase. By using the website, the buyer agrees to terms of use and purchase, which is certified by the purchase.

Any item ordered through the Seller's web store shall be binding on the Buyer and the Seller at the same time, and cannot be canceled or altered without prior agreement of the parties.

The Buyer undertakes to follow steps when ordering items through the Seller's web store:

  1. Selection of the item
  2. Selection of the appropriate variation (size, model, etc.) of the item
  3. Selection of quantity
  4. Entry of personal data
  5. Verification of all data, inspection and acceptance of the order and General Terms of Use and Purchase
  6. Completion of the order
  7. Payment through the selected method of payment
  8. Taking over of the items

Upon the receipt of the order, the Seller is obliged to send an e-mail to the Buyer with an order confirmation containing the name, price and quantity of the ordered items, the total amount for payment, selected method of payment, as well as the information about the addresses specified by the Buyer for the delivery of the order.

The Seller is obliged to send the items to the Buyer within 3 business days, counting from the order date. In case the dispatch of the items is not possible, the Seller is obliged to notify the Buyer thereof within a period not exceeding 3 business days, counting from the order date.

The Seller may assume no responsibility for any unforeseen costs incurred due to delays in the delivery and takeover of the ordered items by the Buyer.

The Buyer is obliged to provide the Seller with accurate details for the invoice and delivery of items (full name, full delivery address, size, model and quantity of items). If the Buyer provides incorrect personal information or an e-mail address during the purchase, the Seller cannot be held liable for any issues in the delivery or takeover of the ordered items.

In the event that the Buyer makes a payment of an amount which is lower than the total amount of the order, the sale shall be deemed incomplete and the paid funds will be returned to the Buyer.

When taking over the items, the Buyer is obliged to check the quality and condition of the delivered items.

In case of any visible damage to the package, such as torn or crushed parts, the Buyer is obliged to request the opening of the package in the presence of an authorized person. If it is thereupon determined that the items have been damaged, it is required to make a complaint report.

Any possible complaint will be settled in accordance with the Policy of Complaints and Return of Items. Find out about the Policy of Complaints and Return of Items HERE.

When entering credit card information, confidential information is transmitted through a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, Raiffeisen Bank, so the complete as a state-of-the-art cryptographic technology. The data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the credit card processor, collection process is carried out on the bank's pages. At no time shall the credit card information be available to our system.